Our Statement of Care

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Whereas, our diverse faiths embrace the laws of love and of giving oneself generously to others, acting toward one another in a spirit of brotherhood,

Whereas, these laws recognize the sanctity and inherent dignity of all human beings, which is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas freedom from want and security of person is among the most fundamental of human rights, specifically the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of personhood and of his or her family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services,

Be it hereby resolved that the Mid-Valley Interfaith Council of the Coachella Valley, state of California, adopts the following Statement of Care in furtherance of its mission to serve as a “conduit to the community for education, service, and celebration”:

1. Attentiveness Attentiveness is crucial to recognition of others' needs in order to respond to them. It takes being aware to the level of acting upon that awareness.

2. Responsibility In order to care, we must take it upon ourselves to act as a moral obligation.

3. Competence One cannot simply acknowledge the need to care and accept responsibility, but must also to follow through with enough skill to provide good and successful care.

4. Responsiveness The act of care must involve consideration of the position of others as they see things and recognition of the potential for abuse in care, especially in the case involving the needs of others who cannot meet their needs themselves.

Adopted April 2019